The Best Twitch Alerts for Streamers

If you’ve been streaming for a while and you want to know a great trick for establishing a core audience, then Twitch Alerts are what you need to help push your stream to the next level.

Twitch Alerts are all of those on-screen notifications you see during a stream. They are a great way to build a core audience by rewarding them with notification sounds and graphics for donations, subscribers, and followers.

Streamers using software like OBS will find many of these apps built right into their existing software. If you’ve been chasing more viewers, but haven’t figured out how to build that core engagement, these features are for you.

Check out these apps that build alerts right into your stream and a few services that will set you up with graphics to make you look like a pro!


Streamlabs enables Twitch Alerts and sounds for Follows, Subscriptions, Donations, Hosts, Bits, Raids, and Merch. That is robust alert coverage. Each category has individual controls allowing you to set animations and messaging independently. Streamlabs is built on the Open Broadcast Software framework which makes it one of the most popular choices for streamers with plenty of support. If you’re already streaming with Streamlabs, then this is the go-to alert choice.


As the name suggests, StreamElements is here to give you dedicated stream add-on services like alerts. Being a dedicated program means you will have full control to exercise your creativity. Not only do you get all the standard notifications and GIFs, but you also get a fully animated alert cup and other interactive options like on-screen emotes and Twitch sound effects. StreamElements works best with OBS and Xsplit.

Check out our Streamlabs vs StreamElements guide here.


Muxy is a software company that has recently moved to designing Interactive Live Video apps exclusively. Their alerts work with both OBS and Xsplit. Muxy allows for control over alerts through HTML and CSS editing. If you are familiar with HTML or CSS, Muxy will give you near total control over your alerts. As an added bonus, Muxy also processes twitch donations through PayPal.


OvrStream has most of the features you would expect by now. It has fully customizable alerts, integration with social media, and support for Twitter, Youtube, Twitch and Streamlabs. What sets OvrStream apart is its built-in tools to edit 3D Motion Graphics and its range of professional looking templates.


TipeeeStream comes with a few unique benefits. Is expressly designed to work with PayPal and it’s European alternatives. This makes it one of the best choices for streamers gaming in the European Union. It’s alert editor also functions a lot more like a video editor which is a great perk for those more familiar with professional Motion Graphics software. is unique in the list in that it offers both custom graphics for alerts and also includes its own social media platform. If you’re looking for a streaming service that also functions as its own social media site, is a great choice. This app also has built-in social media cross-posting which can save you time when it comes to sharing your content with all of your followers.

Where to Find Good Alert Graphics

So you’ve picked your perfect live streaming software and Twitch alert application, but where do you find great graphics to go with it? Just having alerts is the first step, but if you really want to set yourself apart from the growing crowd of other streamers, you’ll need graphics that show you’re a pro.

Take a look at these three sites that offer custom graphics for live streaming alerts.

Streamplay Graphics

Streamplay Graphics comes with a variety of complete streaming layouts. They offer a variety of basic packages at reasonable prices and also offer a customization service for an added cost. If you’re looking to dip your toe in a more professional stream appearance, this is a great way to get started without breaking the bank.


Own3d offers a wide variety of animated alert graphics and full themes to match each one. These are premium animations and layouts which means they come at a slightly higher, but still reasonable price tag. Own3d offers over 70 different graphic design packages which gives you plenty of options that match your style.

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die has the largest variety of animated alerts on this list. Their animations look top-notch. They offer everything from holiday-themed animated alerts, to alerts themed b game, to some more universal looks. Not only do they offer all of this, but their prices are still on par with the rest of the competition.

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