Twitch Alert GIFs for Streamers

Whichever way you pronounce it, GIFs have seen a resurgence in recent years, which is impressive given the fact the animated image format was created over two decades ago. Now a mainstay of meme culture, GIFs are everywhere, and plenty of top streamers are making good use of them to produce fun, interactive content.

The best way to incorporate GIFs into your stream is by using them for your channel alerts – when someone donates, when you get a new subscriber or follower, or when a particular event happens during your stream. The best part is that you have millions of potential GIFs to choose from and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own.

Having said that, it can be tricky finding the best GIF libraries and creation tools online which is why we’ve curated the list below featuring our top picks.

Where Can I Find Great GIFs?

If you’re not quite ready to make your own GIFs – or simply don’t have the time – you should start by checking out some of these well-established GIF libraries. They’re constantly updated with new content, you can easily search for specific GIFs, and they’re completely free to download, embed or share.

You can also search for GIFs by category or by tags, or even just by what’s currently popular. Plus, if you get around to creating your own GIFs in future you can upload them to the library for others to use. In exchange, you’ll get…bragging rights? A sense of accomplishment?

Where Can I Create My Own GIFs?

Creating a GIF isn’t as hard as it sounds – they effectively work like digital flipbooks consisting of multiple images. You can then change the “flip” delay to speed up a clip or slow it down.

The best GIF-makers, like the ones below, make things super simple by allowing you to upload an existing video and creating a GIF from the clip. However, if you want to edit special effects into existing footage, you’ll need to manipulate each individual frame which will definitely take you a bit longer.

How Do I Add Twitch Alerts GIFs to My Stream?

So you’ve found or made your ideal GIF – how do you add it to a stream alert? Your best bet is to utilize a pre-existing streaming platform with all the functionality built in. If you’re trying to create a successful channel and you aren’t using a toolkit like StreamLabs OBS or StreamElements, you’re already missing out.

Among many, many other things, these platforms allow you to add animations and sounds to your alerts extremely easily. Simply find the option for customizing your alerts and upload your chosen GIF file. Here, you’ll also be able to add the alert sounds of your choice.

Where Can I Find Sounds for My Twitch Alert GIFs?

This is where we come in. Using a GIF for your stream alerts is a great way to engage with viewers, as is using alert sound effects. Combining the two? Genius.

All of our alert sounds have been created from scratch, by professionals, with streamers in mind. We have everything from dubstep and trap packs to 8-bit alerts and new wave sounds and they’re all compatible with every single streaming service.

If you’re after something really special, you can get in touch with us for a quote on your very own, unique sound. We’ll work with you on your concept, then our pro sound designers will develop it just for you.

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