Streamlabs vs. StreamElements: Which Streaming App Should You Choose?

If you’re new to the streaming universe and you’re trying to find the streaming service that will suit your needs, we are here to aid you in that decision. To begin with, let’s discuss a little history of both Streamlabs and StreamElements.

For our purposes, in this article we will compare the web versions of both Streamlabs and StreamElements. However, there is also a downloadable version of Streamlabs and a Downloadable client called “” made by StreamElements using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

Streamlabs was founded in 2014 and became one of the top streaming services for streamers on both twitch and mixer, though mixer would come out two years later, along with StreamElements, in 2016.

StreamElements was founded as the top, and virtually only competitor for Streamlabs, and the two are used by top streamers on both platforms to this day. The real question of the matter is, which one is better?

The Differences Between Streamlabs and StreamElements

One of the primary differences between Streamlabs and StreamElements is that StreamElements doesn’t have a top of the line app store. In Streamlabs’ app you can purchase fun, interactive activities for your viewers to participate in while you’re streaming.

Both Streamlabs and StreamElements provide you with Twitch chat bots that you can use for various interactive needs with your chat, or for moderation needs for your moderators in your chat. There is a slight difference in the Streamlabs chat bot that is more beneficial to your channel, like a loyalty program for your viewers that allows them to receive any number of rewards that you choose to provide to them for watching your stream for long periods of time.

The Similarities Between Streamlabs and StreamElements

There are several similarities between Streamlabs and StreamElements. Both of the platforms provide you with pre-made templates that you can use to modify your stream, including unique animated templates, and GIFs for your alerts as well.

They both have a library of alert sounds for your stream when someone subscribes, followers, donates, etc.

Streamlabs and StreamElements also both provide you with a media share feature, where you can setup a URL request for your chat so your viewers can play music through your stream. The services also compare similarly when it comes to donations as they both provide you with donation links for your channel so that your viewers can donate money to you. Additionally, neither of the services take a cut from your donations.

Both streaming services also provide you with the option to give your viewers custom images and sound effects to choose from for their donation. They also both allow your viewers to send custom messages along with their donations, all under your set terms of course. Streamlabs gives you the availability to receive your donations through PayPal, credit card, Skrill, Coinbase or UnitPay: Many choices for all of your donation needs. Where as StreamElements provides you with Paypal or credit cards only. Though there are slightly less options, they are still quite similar in the way you receive your money.

The Statistics of Streamlabs and StreamElements

Statistically, Streamlabs is the greater service. Streamlabs has a greater margin in channels logged into it and a greater margin in how many hours viewed streamers receive with Streamlabs as their streaming service. Streamelements has been gaining slightly on Streamlabs, with a higher increase in usage by a small percentage as of late.

All in all, the streamers that are using Streamlabs are some of the biggest streamers on their own respective platforms. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use Streamlabs, but it is stronger than StreamElements statistically. However, you should remember that Streamlabs has been out two years longer than StreamElements.

Pros of StreamElements

Here is a list of all of the pros and cons for StreamElements, starting with the pros:

  • Gives you access to all of their templates and stream overlays for free, including the animated ones.
  • Provides you with a donation link for your viewers to donate money to you and your stream. Also it takes zero cuts from your donation money. It allows your viewers to use custom images with their donations provided by you, as well as custom messages.
  • Allows access to a media share system for your chat so viewers can share music to your stream and hear their songs play in the background of your stream!

Overall Cons of StreamElements

This is a list of all of the cons of using StreamElements.

  • StreamElements doesn’t provide you with an app store where Streamlabs does. Their app store provides applications that you can purchase for your stream, which gives you fun and interactive games for your viewers.
  • StreamElements provides you with a chat bot, but it doesn’t provide you with as many of the same accommodations that Streamlabs chat bot does.
  • Streamlabs does give you access to a donation link as well, but it doesn’t provide you with as many options of receiving payments as Streamlabs.

Overall Pros Of Streamlabs

These are the overall pros of using Streamlabs as your streaming service:

  • Streamlabs, much like StreamElements, provides you with free templates and animated designs for your all of your cosmetic stream needs.
  • Streamlabs also gives access to a URL link for your donors to go to with many more payment options than StreamElements provides you. Streamlabs also doesn’t take any cuts from your donations upon receiving them. Also like StreamElements, Streamlabs provides you with the ability to give your viewers custom images and messages to use when they donate.
  • Streamlabs chat bot gives you access to many interactive games for your chat to play with the bot, and loyalty points for watching you for long periods of time. The StreamElements chat bot doesn’t provide as many features as the Streamlabs bot, though it does also provide moderation like the StreamElements bot.
  • Streamlabs has its own app store for you to purchase fun and interactive games for you and your chat to play together as well as specific sounds for Streamlabs users, where StreamElements doesn’t.

Overall Cons Of Streamlabs

Here are the overall cons of using Streamlabs.

  • Streamlabs provides you with a media share, but it isn’t as simple as the StreamElements media share service.
  • Even though Streamlabs isn’t as complicated as StreamElements, when you have something less complicated later on down the line you may run into some complete customization issues. However, it doesn’t seem to bother some of the top streamers, so to each their own.

Final Thoughts on Streamlabs vs. StreamElements

Streamlabs, in our opinion, is the number one choice for newcomers to the streaming industry. However, I would recommend StreamElements to more experienced streamers.

The Streamlabs layout is super simplistic and easy to use for the average streamer, and I believe StreamElements’ layout and format is made to cater towards more experienced and veteran streamers. I also believe that if you’re just looking to have a simple stream with simple Twitch alerts and without special effects or anything of that sort, either one of the services will work perfectly fine for you.

All in all, both of the services are great platforms and both give you the simple things you need to stream. They both do their job and whichever one you choose is entirely up to your own personal preference based on the information we’ve given you.


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