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Sound design in streams isn’t often thought about by viewers or even streamers. However, every interaction and element of a stream is an opportunity to create a feel and environment for anyone involved.

While Streamlabs comes with a bunch of awesome sounds to use for alert noises, newer streamers especially might have a tough time distinguishing themselves from the rest. What if every streamer you watched had the same donation noise? It’d drive you crazy!

Luckily, there are plenty of resources for unique sound effects and alert noises that might be worth checking out. We’re going to highlight a few sound packs that we think are perfect for streamers who want to create a deeper identity with their stream.

The packs listed below come with a handful of sounds that match a theme or genre of music. While the packs have labeled sounds, like a donation sound or a subscriber sound, you should feel free to experiment and switch around the sounds for how you see fit. If you really like a sound and want to hear it more often, make it your follower alert instead of your donation alert!

Trap Sounds

If you’re looking for a high-energy sound pack to match a fast-paced stream, the trap sound pack is perfect for you. The sounds in this pack are great for streams with plenty of action and movement, like Fortnite or other shooting games. These modern beats do more than just grab attention, they’re good beats too!

Dubstep Sounds

If you’re into a more standard  EDM sound and vibe the dubstep sound pack  is an awesome  choice for you.  Like the trap sound pack, the dubstep pack works well  for streams focused on high-energy  content. Dubstep  is  more common however,  making it a  well-rounded pack  that could fit a few genres of gaming.

Arcade Sounds

If 16-bit music is your jam, you’ll love this arcade sound pack. The packs comes with sounds that remind you of old fighting games and time spent spending quarters at the closest arcade. Honestly, any streamer can run with a universal pack like this for their Twitch alerts. However, these sounds would fit perfectly for a classic game streamer or even an up and coming speedrunner!

Arcade sounds are just one example of implementing nostalgia and other feelings that video games can bring viewers and players alike. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a Super Mario game, so invoking those feelings is a great way to connect with your viewers.

Retro Theme Sounds

If arcade themed alert noises weren’t enough nostalgia, this retro sound pack works even better at reminding people of their childhood! Sometimes a unique and attention-grabbing alert noise is better for the viewer, making their donation or follow have more weight to it.

Like the arcade pack, the retro pack is another solid option for a streamer not looking for a specific niche of streaming. Even if you only stream League of Legends, the most important thing about your sound design is the relatability. Retro sounds are some of the best at that!

Goofy Sounds

If you thought trap or retro sounds were unique, wait till you see the goofy sound pack. This pack is a personal favorite for the creativity and laughs that it provides to a stream. When you donate to a stream, the last thing you expect to hear is a jarring voice mentioning a “thank you for your money.” A sound pack like this is the best way to stick out from the crowd of streamlabs soundboard users.

Aussie Sounds

What’s one way to make an exaggerated voice even more hilarious? Give it an Australian accent! This Aussie sound pack is the pinnacle of interesting alert sounds. It is a step above the goofy sound pack, although that might not be exactly what you’re looking for in your stream. If you’re a personality-focused streamer with little care about the details of your gameplay, this is an awesome pack for you.


Over to You

So, what kind of alert sounds are you looking for in your stream?

Leave a comment below and we’ll likely end up adding your suggestion to our sounds library for you.

There are so many options to choose from, but the important thing is to distinguish yourself and your stream from the rest.

Take the time to check out our website for some unique sounds that’ll make your viewers relate and enjoy themselves.

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