5 Beginner Tips for Improving Your Twitch Stream

twitch tipsStreaming on Twitch can be an exciting yet frustrating process.

While the fruits of a good following are very sweet, it does take a fair amount of effort to make your stream interesting and inviting to audiences.

Naturally, if your channel is dull and you are not being interactive or engaging, audiences will tune out.

But improving your stream is not that hard if you do it with sincerity. Here are five of our top tips on how to improve your Twitch stream:

1. Customize Your Stream Alerts

As a streamer, you can customize each alert that appears when a specific viewer interaction happens using GIFs or other static or animated images.

Some of the common Twitch alerts are when you get a new subscriber or a new follower.

You can customize what each of these alerts look like, meaning change the graphics according to your liking.

You can also change the Twitch alert sounds according to how you like it. These alerts are typically triggered by way of a third-party service.

One of the most popular services is Streamlabs. The following are the steps for using Streamlabs alert sounds:

● Log into the Streamlabs site with your Twitch account.
● Find the AlertBox on the left menu and click on it.
● There will be a list of default alerts. You can uncheck the ones you don’t want.
● Go to ‘General Settings’ at the bottom of the screen and make the customized changes you want to. Save the settings.
● Go to the tabs for individual alerts (you will find this right next to General Settings). Customize the graphic and sound you want, from these tabs.
● Once you have saved all the settings, click on the box that says ‘Click to Show Widget URL’ at the top of the screen.
● Copy the URL and paste it in your Twitch backend.

2. Use Quality Graphics

For an audience to tune into your streams, you need to make your channel look visually appealing.

Now there is a fine balance you will need to strike here. If you put too many graphics, it will distract from what you are actually doing and possibly even irk the viewers.

You can always put graphics to make your page stand out more, but know how much is too much.

You can find several sources online for free Twitch overlays. Depending on your budget, you can even buy a premium Twitch overlay where you will find more options for graphics.

But it is best not to go overboard. After all, you want to focus on the games on Twitch.

You can also customize Twitch profile panels. Again, there are several free sources online to customize your profile panel according to your personal aesthetics.

3. Stream the Right Games

This is one of the most important points when it comes to improving your Twitch profile. After all, your entire profile is incumbent on this.

When you decide which game you would like to stream, take into account what is more popular at the moment. If it is a game that is in vogue, that is bound to get you some followers.

This is a tricky aspect of having a flourishing Twitch account because you will need to strike a balance between the kind of games you like and want to play and the kind of games your audience likes.

You may not always manage to find an easy compromise but sometimes your interests may overlap.

When deciding which games you will be playing on your Twitch account, you need to be mindful of market trends. If you want your Twitch profile to be followed and appreciated, you will need to be a little aware of how the field of streaming works.

Simply playing your game and expecting people to tune in will not work.

4. Maintaining Video Quality

This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a streaming career. If you want to earn your bed and butter from video streaming or at least want to make your mark in the field, there is no excuse for poor video quality.

If the audience tunes in and sees the quality of the video you are streaming is poor, they will automatically move to a profile that has something better to offer.

Poor video quality suggests that you did not put in enough effort and that is not the impression you want audiences to take away of you.

Ensure you are using high-quality streaming equipment. Invest in a good camera and a microphone so your audience can see and hear you clearly. You will also require a stable internet connection, so there are no gaps in your streaming.

Nothing says ‘rookie’ more than losing connection midway through your stream because you did not invest in a strong enough internet connection.

You will also require some kind of streaming software. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is one of the easiest services and is most commonly used by those who are just starting out, so it should be a perfect fit for you.

What is great is that OBS is free and has several customizable options for Twitch features.

5. Pay Attention to Networking and Social Media

How are your audiences supposed to find you if they have no word of your profile? Pay attention to promoting your profile and letting people know they have some exciting content to see on your Twitch account.

Use all your other social media platforms to cross-share your account link with a short description of what you are up to. Allow viewers to come to you from different social media platforms. This will give you a diverse audience.

Another important aspect of getting the word out there is to network. Keep a track of established Twitch streamers and try to build a network. This includes attending conventions and events, approach other Twitch streamers via social media and be generally active in the Twitch streaming circle.

If you can get even a single person with a large following to give you a shoutout, your followers will increase manifold.

Another great way to increase views is to host other streamers. You can do this every now and then. This means, their followers will tune into your account as well.

It is a quid pro quo arrangement, which means the streamer you promoted on your profile will do the same for you. It is up to you to keep the momentum going afterward.

Bonus Tip

If you enjoy playing music in the background while you’re streaming, you should be cautious of the types of music you end up using.

Often times if you’re playing copyright music or stream sound effects you’ll end up getting your VoD muted, and even potentially run the risk of getting a potential ban. See the Twitch music rules here.

Check out our other guide to find good Twitch royalty free music that’s safe to stream here.

Final Thoughts

Twitch can be a tricky place to crack. It is not like any other streaming website since it has a niche audience, with niche interests. No matter how good a gamer you are, if you cannot keep things interesting and exciting on your profile, you will not be able to improve your following and subscribers.

Try to be innovative and think of ways to draw people in. For example, you can run a contest every now and then to create a stir, host games and interact with other streamers too. Be creative and your audience will recognize the efforts you are putting in. But before taking any advice too seriously, what you should do is simply start streaming and pick up things on the job.

There is no better time to be a Twitch streamer!


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